Race Info

We kindly ask you to read these instructions so that all of us have a great race.


To participate, you need to register and agree to our terms of participation. The registration fee is non-refundable, and registration is non-transferable.


Starting numbers

To be a valid participant, you need to have a start number visible on your chest from the start to the end of the run. You cannot wear more than 1 number or run more than 1 distance. Participants without start numbers will be disqualified. We’ll give you 4 safety pins with your registration package to pin your number to your clothes.

You can collect your start number, together with a goodie bag, at a location we’ll disclose 1 week before the race.

Participants under the age of 16 are only allowed with Informed Consent from a parent/guardian.


Teams and team ranks

We’ve added an option to register teams – this is a free grouping of individual runners.

  • A team must consist of minimum 4 runners
  • The runners must have entered the exact same name during their registrations
  • Team members can participate in different distances

Teams will be ranked:

  • By the average pace(min/km) of the fastest 4 team members
  • If 2 teams have the same pace, the higher position will have the one who has achieved this pace on a longer distance
  • If they are equal by this criteria, then the team with the smaller total time gets the higher position

The fastest 3 teams will receive special trophies.


Getting to the start

The easiest way to get to the start is by public transport. You can use any bus or trolley to Orlov most and then come by foot through Borisova Garden to the kid’s place (Pliska direction). The start is marked with a flag on the map.

Another option is to use the Sofia metro to station Vasil Levski Stadium and then go through Borisova Garden in Pliska direction until you reach the start zone.

If you are coming by bicycle, please tie it securely so it is not an obstacle for runners or other people.


Start, laps, and electronic timekeeping

The start is at 9:00 for the 5k, 9:05 for the 10k, and 9:10 for the 20k.

If you are a beginner runner and you do not feel like breaking the world record on that day, please stay at the back of the crowd. Leave the faster runners to start in front – otherwise, you will not feel comfortable if lots of people pass you by, and they will feel uncomfortable advancing in the crowd which might be even dangerous.

Please be aware that your start number contains a unique chip, which will count your NET time from the moment you pass through the starting gate until the moment you finish through the same gate after you finish with your laps. Timekeeping is electronic, and your time is net, which means that it counts your time and not the time from starting the horn. A participant starting in front of the crowd does not have a time advantage.

In case you decide to leave the event, please contact the organizers at the tent in the starting zone to sign you off.

Every finisher will get a medal.



The award ceremony is at 12.

Organizers can disqualify any runner that hasn’t gone through the checkpoint, is reported cheating, or run instead of someone else. If a runner is not present at the awards ceremony, the award will be given to the next runner.


Refreshments, entertainment

After the start (on every 5 km lap), there will be a refreshment point with water, electrolyte drinks and fruit.
Please do not litter and put the bottles in the bins. We’ll provide also garbage bags along the road.

Caution: When you finish, you can get water and fruit but keep away and leave the runners to use the refreshment station with priority!


Medical assistance

There will be a medical team at the start, and the ambulance will be in front of the CSKA stadium. Please contact the organizers or them if you feel unwell.



We can keep your luggage during the event. You will find a sticker with your number in the goody bag. Please stick it to your luggage before handing it to us. You’ll get your luggage when presenting your bib after the race. DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR LUGGAGE!!! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY VALUABLES LOST OR STOLEN.



There is a chemical WC 50m from the start.



There will be a medical team and security guards. Please contact the organizers if you do not feel well.

Dress well and take additional clothes to wear after the finish.
The route will be well marked on every turn, and there will be volunteers to guide you but keep in mind that the park is accessible for citizens, strollers, and kids. Some construction is next to the route, so be careful. Please do not litter – use the bins or take plastic bottles with you.